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Bridle is a word that can be learnt easily. All you need to do is bring to mind the picture of a horse and how he is tied up in a bridle around his neck. This is basically a control that the rider can use to maneuver the horse.

Bridle carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Art of the tack or harness of a horse, consisting usually of a headstall, bit, and reins. (noun)
2. Anything that restrains or curbs. (noun)
3. To put a bridle on. (verb)
4. To control or hold back; restrain; curb. (verb)
5. To draw up the head and draw in the chin, as in disdain or resentment. (verb)

Masters tips for Bridle:
Difference between Bridal and Bridle
Bridal means referring to a bride or a wedding: “Ritu Kumar is the best designer of bridal gowns. “
Bridle, on the other hand, refers to the head harness, including bit and reins used to guide or to restrain a horse.
By extension, it also means the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess: ‘his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper”

Usage examples for Bridle:
1. Stupidity is a bridle that prevents success.

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