picture for brigandThe word Brigand is a noun which is used for bandits and especially for someone who plunders to live and is part of a band. There are numerous brigands who have been made popular through folklores and stories.
It has been derived from the Italian word brigante which was further derived from the word brigare which means to fight. The first known use of this word was back in the 14th century.

Pronunciation: brig-uhnd

Meanings of Brigand

1. A bandit
2. Someone who lives by plunder and is part of a band

Master’s Tip to Learn Brigand

Brigand can be broken into ‘band’ and hence can be related to the word ‘bandit’ which is the synonym of brigand. Also brigand refers to bandits and robbers who usually are part of a band.

Sentence Examples for Brigand:

1. Of all the brigands portrayed on screen, the character of ‘Gabbar Singh’ played by Amjad Khan in the movie ‘Sholay’ still remains the most memorable one.
2. The Chamba Valley is notorious for providing a safe haven to some of the most wanted brigands in the country.
3. The brigand got away after robbing the bank, but was apprehended later by city police.

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