The dead body of a human being is called a cadaver. If you are a fan of the sitcom Dexter Morgan, you would have grasped this term multiple times. Demonstrated is an outline of a body on the floor chalked out, as is done in crime scenes for investigation.

Cadaver carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. A dead body, especially a human body to be dissected.
2. A corpse.

Master tips for Cadaver:
Harry potter fans might recall the three unforgivable curses included avada kedavra: the death curse. Broken up, Avada –Kedavra-a, or a-cadaver, is a humorous way to remember a rather grievous word. A cadaver refers usually to body for scientific purposes, whereas a corpse refers to a dead body otherwise.

Usage examples of Cadaver:
1. The cadaver is being examined by doctors to determine the cause of the unnatural death
2. The half decomposing cadaver was fished out of the pond, a horrid sight indeed.

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