picture for cajoleSome people are really good at convincing people by any means even if they have to flatter them. And that is how the world works in a way, doesn’t it?

Well, most of it. Cajole is a verb and its first usage dates back to 1635-45.

Pronunciation: kuh-johl

Meanings of Cajole

1) To convince/persuade someone with flattery or subtle coaxing

Master’s Tip to learn Cajole:

Cajole can be learnt by associating it with the word Kajal, which also means Kohl pencil specially designed to beautify women’s eyes. Kajal and cajole sounds similar.

Cajole & Console: Further, Cajole also rhyme with the word console, but cajole and console have different meanings. Console means to comfort someone emotionally, to give moral or emotional strength to be precise.

Sentence Examples for Cajole:

1) He cajoled her into signing the divorce papers. (Verb)
2) He has a voracious appetite for cajoling; still he does no work for anyone. (Verb)
3) Being insolent and cajoler at the same time does not work in his favour at all. (Noun)
4) He cajolingly improved his forlorn attitude. (Adverb)

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