Picture for calumnyCalumny is an intentionally misinterpreted fact or statement that intends to hurt someone’s reputation. Calumny is a noun and its plural is ‘calumnies’.
It first originated in the 15th century and has been derived from the Latin word calumnia.

Pronunciation: kal-uhm-nee

Meanings of Calumny

1. A malicious statement intended to injure someone else’s reputation
2. An abusive attack on someone’s good name
3. Act of uttering false charges calculated to hurt another’s character

Master’s Tip to Learn Calumny

Calumny can be related to the word ‘yummy’. Calling something yummy would be flattery, which is exact opposite of calumny.

Sentence Examples for Calumny:

1. Rajeev Gandhi’s death triggered off intense calumny against him, which has not subsided yet.
2. Instead of spending their time framing calumnies of each other, the political parties should act responsibly and indulge in progressive discussions.
3. He was a target of calumny just because of his unpopular beliefs.

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