picture for candidAll of us love to have long and candid chats with our friends every once in a while. Candid is an adjective which is used for openness and sincerity or for someone who is pretty straightforward.
It has been derived from the Latin word candidus which means shining white and the first knows usage of this word occurred back around 1620.

Pronunciation: kan-did

Meanings of Candid

1. Marked by honesty and openness
2. Being honest, even if the truth is not pleasant
3. Unreservedly straightforward

Master’s Tip to Learn Candid

Candid can be remembered using the word candidate since a candidate for any audition or interview is advised to be straightforward and honest.

Sentence Examples for Candid:

1. His candid feedback though maybe harsh, was appreciated by everyone.
2. The one reason everyone loves dealing with him is his candid demeanor.
3. Being candid may always not be the best option in the kind of world we live in today.

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