Picture for CantA thrust or motion that tilts something.

While engaging in a public debate one needs to be cautious to make statements free from cant and prejudices. Cant is speaking badly about religion or society.

Pronunciation: kant

Meanings of Cant:

1. A thrust or motion that tilts something.
2. The tilt caused by such a thrust or motion.
3. An outer corner, as of a building.
4. Monotonous talk filled with platitudes.
5. Hypocritically pious language.
6. The special vocabulary peculiar to the members of an underworld group;

Master’s tip to learn Cant:

Cant can be learnt from chant which means monks and saints chant mantras which are only known to them.

Sentence Examples for Cant:

1. Constructive suggestions are rare in a debate that has mixed a lot of rhetorical cant with a big principle.
2. Don’t you insult human relations by dragging all this cant about buying and selling into it.

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