Picture for candidThe word capitulate is used as a verb and it means to give up resistance either unconditionally or under some stipulated conditions. No one forget how the Indian Army made the Pakistani soldiers to capitulate at the conclusion of the Kargil War.
Capitulate has been derived from the Latin word capitulum which is diminutive of the word caput or ‘head’. Its first known usage was in 1596.

Pronunciation: kuh-pich-uh-leyt

Meanings of Capitulate

1. To give up resistance
2. To surrender under some specified conditions
3. To give up to a superior power or authority

Master’s Tip to Learn Capitulate

An interesting way to learn Capitulate is to break it down to ‘Cap (as in captain) it is too late’, implicating surrender or giving up.

Sentence Examples for Capitulate:

1. Despite its weakening army and decreasing resources, the country has refused to capitulate.
2. The students did not have any other option but to capitulate to the professor’s wishes.
3. The king decided to capitulate after facing an assault of unprecedented magnitude from the British and started preparing for various rounds of negotiations that would follow.

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