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A cauldron is a large kettle like instrument used to brew anything and everything. Its most association in our minds is with witches, and how they brewed their secret potions in it. If we trace the origin of the word, then we realise that a cauldron was originally meant for people and not food. It comes from Latin calidārium, which means ‘hot bath’.

The dictionary definition for Cauldron are as follows:
1. A very large kettle or boiler. (Noun)

Masters tip to remember Cauldron:
Cauldron is a word that can also be used in the figurative sense and the best example of such a usage is shown below:

picture for cauldron
The brain serves as the best example for a cauldron, a cauldron where ideas are brewed.
You can learn the word with the help of this little tip.

Usage examples for Cauldron:
1. In this caldron of intrigue we have a huge American expenditure in treasure and blood aimed at keeping Afghanistan in our camp, so to speak.
2. A vague sound came to our ears, like the bubbling of a gigantic caldron a long way off, and Hartman said it was machine-guns and automatic rifles.

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