A centaur is a mythical creature with the torso of a man, and the lower body of a horse, complete with hooves and a tail. Originating from Greek mythology, and much of Roman mythology, Centaurs symbolize masculinity, and are supposed to be brave, loyal warrioris.
Being anatomically correct, they have existed into modern day popular cultural creatures, finding their way even into the Harry Potter novels.

The dictionary definitions for Centaur are as follows:
1. A creature renowned in folklore and myth with the torso of a man and the lower body of a horse.
2. A conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross.

Master tips for Centaur:
The easiest way to remember Centaurs would be remember the famous constellation. It too represents the mystical creature, in analogy.

Usage examples for Centaur:
1. True love is imaginary, just like Santa Claus and centaurs.
2. The Spartans fought with the strength and agility of centaurs.

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