picture for cessationIn the monsoons, waiting for the rain to cease/stop is like a wet dream. Cessation of rain is almost impossible in hilly places like Shimla and Cherapunji, isn’t it? Well, this noun speaks of the same stoppage. Its first usage dates back to 15th century. It has originated from Middle English cessacioun, from Middle French cessation and from Latin cessatio, all of which means delay.

Pronunciation: se-sey-shuhn

Meanings of Cessation

1) Stopping/suspension/discontinuance of something (temporary or permanent)
2) Ceasing

Master’s Tip to learn Cessation:

Cessation can be learnt easily by associating it with one of the rhyming words, which is Alsatian. Further, cessation and Alsatian can be associated by putting the words as ‘cessation of Alsatian’. Also, cessation can be learnt easily while remembering the situation of a ceasefire during the event of war that has been in news. Ceasefire, just like cessation means ending and in case of ceasefire it is ending of war. Further, cessation is the noun for cease.

Sentence Examples for Cessation:

1) It was only with the help of medicines that the cessation of acrophobia occurred. (Noun)
2) Cessation of guffaw was not enough to stop everyone in the room from mocking Ram. (Noun)
3) Procrastination on her part will never cease. (Noun)
4) Her effort to look for her doppelganger has not ceased yet. (Verb)

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