Picture of Chagrin

You would know the feeling, when you are annoyed, disappointed or failed. Well, we can name that feeling chagrin. It is a noun.

Origin: Its fist usage dates back to 1650-60 and comes from a French word Chagrin, which means to be sad.

Pronunciation: shuh-grin

Meanings of chagrin

1) Feeling of irritation when one is annoyed/ disappointed or has just failed.
2) To be irritated or annoyed at something because of disappointment.

Master’s tip to learn chagrin

Chagrin can be easily learnt by associating it with the grin, s the second half of chagrin is similar and also because grin can be a total opposite of the meaning of chagrin.

Sentence examples for chagrin

1) Chagrin overpowered her mind as she saw her husband with other woman. (Noun)
2) She was chagrined at the sight of filth in her kitchen. (Verb)
3) He could not help, but feel chagrin on losing the race. (Noun)
4) She did not feel a morsel of chagrin even on losing the case. (Adjective)

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