Picture for chicaneryThe word chicanery is a noun; it is the use of tricks and clever manipulation to deceive somebody. The first know use of this word was in 1609 and it has been derived from the French word chicanerie.

Pronunciation: shi-key-nuh-ree, chi-

Meanings of Chicanery

1. Deception by quibbling or sophistry
2. A subterfuge that may be used to deceive or evade capture
3. Trickery through clever manipulation of language, usually to extract money

Master’s Tip to Learn Chicanery

Chicanery can be related to the word chicken which is informally used to call someone a coward. Now, a coward can’t face anyone boldly so has to deceive his opponents using petty manipulative tricks.
Chicanery can also be related to the Hindi word ‘shikari’ which means hunter as both the words sound close. A hunter uses deceptive and manipulative tricks to catch his prey and this can be used to recall the word chicanery.

Sentence Examples for Chicanery:

1. Everyone was appalled to see him resort to flattery and chicanery to get the job.
2. The priest always told his disciples to shun the path of chicanery.
3. Knowing about the years of his experience in this field, everyone expected him to have found out about this chicanery.

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