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Clamorous all about noise, din and commotion. One just feels that one needs to shut one’s ears to all this noise. The decibel levels can be really high in clamorous gatherings.

The dictionary definitions for Clamorous are as follows:
1. Making or marked by loud outcry or sustained din. (adjective)
2. Vigorous in demands or complaints. (adjective)

Masters Tip to remember Clamorous:
Just imagine yourself surrounded by complete din. What would you? I guess a pair of the best ear plugs in the world. That is how we learn clamorous: by its connection with ear plugs.

The difference between Vociferous & Clamorous:
Vociferous suggests that there is noisy outcry, such as that of a vehement protest: vociferous complaints. Whereas something clamorous is both vociferous and sustained: a clamorous uproar.

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