A clique is an exclusive circle of people joined together by a common purpose, such as the one illustrated, a team assigned for a specific project, the mafia, or a group of interns. Clique is derived from French, in the 17th century.

“What though he did not belong to your clique! Though you may not approve of his method or his principles, recognize his magnanimity.” Is a famous quote by Henry David Thoreau.

Clique has the following dictionary definitions:
1. A small, exclusive group of people
2. A narrow circle of friends

Master tips for Clique
Pronounced as click, clique is clicking a group of a few cli(IQ)ue people, or selecting a group of limited people with high IQ’s. That’s a way to etch the word across your mind forever.

Usage examples of Clique:
1. The girls in that clique are very popular, but are also very mean.

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