Picture for CommodiousThe word commodious refers to something that may be pleasantly spacious or roomy. It is an adjective. We all hope to own and settle down in a commodious hope someday, don’t we?
It has been derived from Latin word commodus which means appropriate, convenient or satisfactory. The word Commodious was first used around 1400.

Pronunciation: kuh-moh-dee-uhs

Meanings of Commodious

1. Generous or large in extent
2. Adequate for a particular purpose
3. Pleasantly roomy

Master’s Tip to Learn Commodious

Commodious can be related to the word commodity, it can be learnt as something that allows accommodating more commodities and hence has a lot of space and is roomy.

Sentence Examples for Commodious:

1. Our school has the most commodious auditorium among all other schools in the city.
2. This is one of the most commodious Airport Terminal I’ve ever visited.
3. I am pretty happy with the dormitory I’ve been assigned, I never imagined that it would be so commodious.

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