Picture for CompassionCompassion is the feeling of understanding the suffering of others, sympathizing with it and wanting to do something to alleviate it. It is a noun. Mother Teresa was and to this day is known for the compassion that she had for the poor and downtrodden.

It stems from the Latin word compassiō and originated in the 14th century.

Pronunciation: kuhm-pash-uhn

Meanings of Compassion

1. An awareness and sympathy for other’s suffering

2. Participation in suffering of others

3. The quality of connecting with someone who is suffering and wanting to do something about it

Master’s Tip to Learn Compassion

The word compassion is pretty easy to learn as it can be broken into ‘com’ and ‘passion’. The word com means together, so compassion can be learnt as having passion for each other.

Sentence Examples for Compassion:

1. At seeing their child’s compassion towards the poor, they felt proud of the way they brought him up.

2. To make a difference in their lives, the most important thing you need is compassion.

3. Compassion is often only the first step towards doing something that will matter.

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