picture for compatible Compatible is an adjective and is used when two or more people are getting along thogethter in perfect harmony and are in support of each other.
It was used 1475 and has been derived from the Latin word compatibilis.

Pronunciation: kuhm-pat-uh-buhl

Meanings of Compatible

1. Getting along well together; in agreement or harmony
2. Able to exist together with something else
3. Consistent; congruous

Master’s Tip to Learn Compatible

Part of the word ‘Compatible’ sounds like ‘Compatriot’. A compatriot is a fellow countryman or fellow citizen and hence it can be related to the word compatible because the two should be able to exist together in harmony.

Sentence examples for Compatible:

1. Team up with the person you are most compatible with.
2. The new iPad is not compatible with the earlier versions of the software.

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