picture for complacent Complacent is an adjective and means being self-satisfied and unconcerned with one’s faults or shortcomings.
It was first used around 1660 and has been taken from the Latin word complacere.

Pronunciation: kuhm-pley-suhnt

Meanings of Complacent

1. Contented with oneself to a fault; that is, self-satisfied and unconcerned
2. Self-satisfied and unaware of possible dangers
3. Over-confident

Master’s Tip to Learn Complacent

Part of the word ‘Complacent’ sounds like placement and whenever a student finally secures a placement in some company he feels fully satisfied with himself so much so that he may even overlook some of his faults.

Sentence examples for Complacent:

1. Ever since he received his raise, he has been the most complacent person in the office and he doesn’t do as much work as he did before.
2. Too many people were complacent when there was a strong economy, but that attitude has changed now that the economy has gone in the other direction.

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