Picture for ComponentA Component is a constituent part or an element of something. It is a noun.
It was first used back around 1565 and has been derived from the Latin word component.

Pronunciation: kuhm-poh-nuhnt

Meanings of Component

1. A separate part of a whole, usually of something bigger
2. A device such as a resistor or transistor that is part of an electronic circuit

Master’s Tip to Learn Component

Remember how we used to solve jigsaw puzzles back in the day and they usually needed all the components, that is the smaller pieces to be put in their place in order to be solved fully.

Sentence examples for Component:

1. He works for a company that manufactured automobile components.
2. The electrician has to replace one of the electrical components in the house wiring.
3. In our mathematics class, we had to use one component to determine the new vector.

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