picture for condolenceExpressing commiseration for someone who has lost his loved one requires presence of not only sympathy, but also courage and empathy. It is a noun.

Its first usage dates back to 1595-1605 and has originated from the combination of two words .i.e. condole and ence. Condole is a verb, which means to express sympathy and ence is a noun suffix, which is equivalent to ance.

Pronunciation: kuhn-doh-luhns

Meanings of Condolence:

1) Sympathy with a person in pain or sadness
2) An expression for showing sympathy to someone.

Master tip to learn condolence:

Condolence can be easily learnt by remembering a situation when you were in pain or you were as and someone offered you few words of encouragement.

Sentence Examples for Condolence

1) He expressed his sincere condolence/condolences on the death of his sister’s husband. (Noun)
2) He was condolent for his friend’s loss. (Adjective)
3) He expressed his condolence at his friend’s loss.

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