picture for conflagrationA conflagration is a very large and uncontrolled fire that is tough to douse. It is a noun. It was first used back in 1548 and has been taken from the Latin word conflagration.

Pronunciation: kon-fluh-grey-shuhn

Meanings of Conflagration

1. A very intense and uncontrolled fire.
2. A large and violent event; such as, a war involving many people.

Master’s Tip to Learn Conflagration

Part of the word conflagration sounds like ‘flare’ and so both the words can be related as in a flare that may have become uncontrollable that is a large fire or simply a conflagration.

Sentence examples for Conflagration:

1. The woods were set on fire by the bursting shells, and the conflagrationraged.
2. The treaty is the latest attempt to resolve the ten-year conflagration.

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