Picture of Consternation

Well, assuming ghosts really don’t exist, it would be sudden and amazing to see them walking our world, may be even confusing for people who do not believe in God leave alone ghosts. The expression that would appear on our faces would be the noun, consternation.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1605-15 and originates from the combination of two words consternate and ion. Consternate means to terrify and ion is a suffix which indicates action.

Pronunciation: kon-ster-ney-shuhn

Meanings for Consternation

1) Amazement that leads to confusing state of mind
2) A state of paralyzing panic
3) Feeling of panic, fear, anxiety that leads to confusing state of mind

Master’s tip to learn Consternation

Consternation can be learnt while associating it with the word concentration, which by meaning is totally opposite to the word in question. Concentration means involved in something without confusion and consternation means a state of confusion.

Sentence example for Consternation

1) A protest caused consternation in the police department, as there weren’t many officials to handle it. (Noun)
2) She was thrown into a state of consternation when she saw her famished dg after three months. (Noun)
3) Her consternation left her paralyzed for a while. (Noun)

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