picture for constrictThe word constrict is a verb and it means to cause something to shrink or grow smaller in size. It was first used around 1400 and has been derived from the Latin word constrictus.

Pronunciation: kuhn-strikt

Meanings of Constrict

1. To cause to contract.
2. To make smaller or more narrow; especially, by binding or squeezing.

Master’s Tip to Learn Constrict

The word ‘Constrict’ can be broken down into ‘con+strict’ and can then be related to the word strict. Whenever a student faces a strict teacher his confidence to create disturbance in the class shrinks and this can be used to remember the meaning of the word constrict.

Sentence examples for Constrict:

1. The drug is used to constrict blood vessels.
2. He felt constricted by their notions of what was proper.

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