Picture for ConsummateThe word Consummate is a verb and it means to fulfill something or to bring something to completion. It was first used back around 1527 and has been used from the Latin word consummates.

Pronunciation: kon-suh-meyt

Meanings of Consummate

1. Complete in every aspect; perfect
2. To achieve, realize or complete

Master’s Tip to Learn Consummate

Consummate can be broken into ‘con+summit’. Summit is the highest point of something, so now relate this to a person who has reached the highest point of perfection; he is truly a complete person.

Sentence examples for Consummate:

1. He plays the violin with consummate skill.
2. He is a consummate liar, don’t believe even a single word that comes out of his mouth.
3. The company consummated its deal to buy a smaller firm.

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