Picture for corpulentThis word reminds me of a satirical quote – ‘Corpulence is the survival of the fattest’. The word corpulent refers to the fat or fleshy, generally obese people. It is used as an adjective.
Corpulent has been derived from the Latin word corpulentus (from corpus which means body) and the origin of this word has been traced back to 1350-1400.

Pronunciation: kawr-pyuh-luhnt

Meanings of Corpulent

1. Obese or fat
2. Fleshy or stout; having a large bulky body

Master’s Tip to Learn Corpulent

Relate it to corpse. If an obese person doesn’t start to reduce weight, he/she will surely become a corpse due to a heart attack.
Corpulent also sounds like the word opulent, which means rich and wealthy people. Opulent can be related to the word corpulent as rich or wealthy people are generally fat or fleshy.

Sentence Examples for Corpulent:

1. The doctor advised his corpulent patient to lose the excessive weight that he had put on over the years.
2. Corpulent kids generally end up being bullied or being made fun of in school.
3. Years of sitting and working behind a desk has made him corpulent.
4. Being corpulent and unfit, it did not come as a huge surprise that he was excluded from the team.

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