Picture for CraveCrave means to want or greatly desire something. It is a verb and almost every one of us can relate to it as we have craved for one thing or another at some points in our lives.
The word Crave has been in use even before 1000 and has been derived from Old English crafian.

Pronunciation: kreyv

Meanings of Crave

1. To desire eagerly
2. To ask for earnestly
3. To need urgently; require

Master’s Tip to Learn Crave

Crave can be learned from the word ‘Cry’ because when a child cries, it means he needs something urgently or in other word he craves something.

Sentence examples for Crave:

1. He is an adventurer; thrills are what he craves for.
2. The reason all his friends have left him one by one is that he craves attention and pays little attention to anything else.
3. People often crave for democracy without being prepared for it.

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