Picture for CriterionThe word Criterion is the singular form of the more widely used ‘Criteria’ and the words are sometimes found to be used interchangeably out of ignorance or misinformation. Criterion means any measure of value, a standard or principle by which something can be judged. Remember that there is only one criterion while there can be ‘several’ criteria. It originated around 1660 from the Greek word kriterion which is ‘means for judging, standard’. It is a noun.

Pronunciation: krahy-teer-ee-uhn

Meanings of Criterion

1. A standard by which something can be judged.
2. A defining mark or trait.
3. Any measure of value.

Master’s Tip to Learn Criterion

The easiest way to remember criterion is to keep in my its plural form criteria which is a widely used word in the English language. To get into a college or any other institution of our choice we have to make sure that we satisfy the minimum required criteria.

Sentence Examples for Criterion:

1. One important criterion that students fail to keep in mind while writing essays is the conformity to the traditional rules of grammar.
2. There is going to be only one criterion to choose the winner of this exciting political match-up, the number of votes secured by a candidate.
3. The only criterion she put forward for the applicants was that of their educational qualification.

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