picture for crumbleTo crumble is to break into small pieces. When more weight is added than that can be sustained, the object will crumble. Solid objects that are old and deteriorating are usually easiest to crumble over time.
Crumbling is also used to imply to decay or end gradually, example the crumbling economy.

“And that’s the way the cookie crumbles” is a famous proverb, and not only indicates how yummy cookie crumbs can be, but also implies how fragile life really is.

Crumble has the following definitions:
1. To break into small fragments or crumbs.
2. To decay or disintegrate gradually.

Master tips for crumble
Unlike other verbs, such as shatter, tear, crumble usually refers to an object that will break into smaller pieces in a more slow and gradual process, usually leaving dust/very fine particles behind. An object does not crumble instantly; it is a slow gradual process. For example, a glass shatters into fine particles, a soft freshly baked cookie on the other hand crumbles into fine particles leaving behind some of its delicious crumbs behind.

Usage of crumble:
1. The ancient walls had crumbled.
2. With inflation reaching 11%, the economy had started crumbling.

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