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If we were to name absolute disaster in a word, the word would be debacle. There are quite a few examples of these instances which come to mind. One of those is the Japan earthquake, 2011 and the tsunami it brought about. And to top it all, the release of radiation from the Japanese nuclear plants means we can surely label it as a debacle.

An impending debacle that can have serious consequences for us in the future is the environmental damage that is being done all over the world. Our wordposter also focuses on the same theme, with it highlighting the damage that is done by oil spills. These spills have long term consequences for the flora and fauna of the oceanic world and lead to the extinction of countless species.

The dictionary definitions for debacle are as follows:
1. A sudden, disastrous collapse, downfall, or defeat; a rout. (noun)
2. A total, often ludicrous failure. (noun)
3. The breaking up of ice in a river. (noun)
4. A violent flood. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Debacle:
Cast a look back in your life and try to label moments of extraordinary disaster. There could be societal in nature, like earthquakes, civil wars or regime changes. Or it could be more personal in nature, like the loss of your favorite football team in the finals of a major competition. One could even label some personal losses, of wealth and health, as debacles.

Usage Examples for Debacle:
1. After the debacle of his first novel, no one could believe that he could write such a perfect novel.
2. The financial debacle of 2008 lead to the wiping of lacs of jobs across the globe.
3. The plague that affects the city is nothing short of a debacle.

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