Picture for DecorumThe word Decorum is a noun and it is something that is proprietary and has a good taste in behavior, speech etc.
It was first used back in 1568 from the Latin word decorus.

Pronunciation: dih-kawr-uhm

Meanings of Decorum

1. Whatever is suitable or proper
2. Appropriateness of behavior or conduct
3. That which is proper to the circumstances or requirements of a situation

Master’s Tip to Learn Decorum

The word Decorum can be learnt by relating it to the word ‘decor’ as when something is decorated, it is very proper and suitable, which can be easily used to remember the meaning of the word Decorum.

Sentence examples for Decorum:

1. The young entertainers were expected to behave with proper decorum on the stage.
2. The teacher told the class to maintain decorum during their visit to the museum.
3. Following the rules of decorum, she made sure that all her guests were introduced as soon as anyone arrived at the party.

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