Picture for DecrepitDecrepit is an adjective that refers to something that has been worn out usually due to long use. Most of our gadgets become decrepit after some years and we usually replace them with updated models.
The first known use of the word decrepit occurred in the 15th century and it was derived from the Latin word decrepitus.

Pronunciation: dih-krep-it

Meanings of Decrepit

1. Weakened by old age
2. Worn out or in terrible shape because of hard use or being overused
3. Not working efficiently

Master’s Tip to Learn Decrepit

The word Decrepit can be remembered by relating it to the word decrease because when something gets worn out, its performance decreases.
Additionally, part of dec-repit sounds like the word ‘repeat’. They can be related together as the repeated use of something weakens it or wears it out.

Sentence examples for Decrepit:

1. Even though his wrist watch is decrepit now, he still loves it.
2. The new and advanced automated factories are making sure that the decrepit old industry is wiped off the map.
3. I don’t know if my decrepit car will start the next time I enter it.
Synonyms: derelict, woebegone, creaky, battered
Antonyms: rebuilt, fit, healthy, young

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