Picture for DefamatoryWe often hear politicians blaming each other for spreading defamatory statements against each other. Defamatory is an adjective that is used for statements that are harmful, often untrue and tend to malign to someone’s good name or character.
It originated in 1275 from the Latin word diffāmāt.

Pronunciation: def-uh-mey-tori

Meanings of Defamatory

1. A harmful or untrue statement
2. A derogatory statement that tends to injure someone else’s reputation

Master’s Tip to Learn Defamatory

The word defamatory is pretty easy to remember as it contains the word ‘de-fame’ that means to spread negative things about someone, so it can easily be related to defamatory.

Sentence examples for Defamatory:

1. Their friendship fell apart because he finally found out the defamatory stories he had been spreading about him.
2. Some people felt that the announcements during the award function about the professor were defamatory.
3. People like him because he does not believe every defamatory sentence that comes out of other’s mouth.
Synonyms: calumny, derogatory
Antonyms: honorable, commendable

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