Picture for DegradeThe word Degrade means to lower or reduce the status or dignity of someone. It is a verb. It originated around 1275 from the Latin word dēgradāre.

Pronunciation: dih-greyd

Meanings of Degrade

1. To lower the status or dignity of someone
2. To reduce in desirability
3. To decrease in value, intensity or strength
4. To bring down to an inferior or a less effective level

Master’s Tip to Learn Degrade

The word degrade can be broken down into the words ‘de-grade’ which would mean to decrease someone’s grade or rank and hence can be easily use to recall degrade.

Sentence examples for Degrade:

1. Uploading photographs to a social networking site degrades their original clarity.
2. He is very temperamental and tends to degrade other people’s work.
3. The scratches on the screen of my Smartphone have degraded the browsing experience.

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