The word delineation is a noun. It refers to a graphical description or representation. It refers to charts and diagrams. It is used for rough drafts, sketches or outlines of forms and not a complete and final drawing.
This word was first used around 1520 and has been derived from the Latin word.

Pronunciation: dih-lin-ee-ey-shuhn

Meanings of Delineation

1. A graphical or verbal description
2. A chart or diagram
3. Representation by drawing or painting

Master’s Tip to Learn Delineation

The easiest way to relate delineation to its meaning is to remember that it means to ‘line out the shapes you want’. It refers to sketches and rough drafts that are formed to represent something and hence are made up of mostly lines.

Sentence examples for Delineation:

1. The reason for Apple’s success has been its ability to maintain a clear delineation of what today’s consumers want.
2. The hallmarks of this movies have been the vivid character delineation and the expansive one shot sequences.
3. It is important to be able to delineate among your priorities if you want to succeed in life.

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