Picture for DelveThe word Delve is a verb. It means to carry out some search thoroughly or carefully. It is also used in a physical sense to signify digging, usually with a spade. All of us delve into our memories whenever we are trying to recall something important.
Its first known usage dates back to before 900. It has been derived from the Middle English word delven and the Old English word delfan.

Pronunciation: delv

Meanings of Delve

1. To carry out careful and thorough search of data.
2. To turn up or loosen
3. To dig with a spade

Master’s Tip to Learn Delve

Delve can be related to the word ‘elves’. Now elves are fictional characters that are known to dig up earth or mountains to make shelters and hence this word can be related to it meaning which refers to digging up or loosening something.

Sentence examples for Delve:

1. The answer lies somewhere in the puzzle itself, you just need to delve deeper.
2. The ruling judge advised the prosecution to either delve deeper to find more incriminating evidence against the defendant or drop the case altogether.
3. This boot camp aims to make you delve deeper into the world of science and physics.

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