Picture for DemeanourThe word Demeanour refers to the behavior or conduct of someone towards other people. It is the British variant of the word ‘Demeanor’. It is a noun. Everyone admires a person with a calm demanour.

The first known usage of this word was somewhere in the 15th century and has been derived from the word demean which mean ‘to behave in a certain way’.

Pronunciation: dih-mee-ner

Meanings of Demeanour

1. Conduct or manner
2. Facial appearance
3. Behavior towards others

Master’s Tip to Learn Demeanour

The word demeanour can be broken into two parts ‘the’, ‘manner’. Now we know that the demeanour refers to the conduct or manner of a person so it becomes pretty easy to recall its meaning.

Sentence examples for Demeanour:

1. His greatest possession is his calm demeanour.
2. He has a reputation that precedes him wherever he goes, maybe that is why people find his demeanour intimidating.
3. I always get irritated by his haughty demeanour.

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