Picture for DenoteDenote means to indicate or to mean something. Denote is one of the more frequently used words in mainstream English today. It is a verb. All of us remember how we were taught which traffic signboards denote what in our earlier classes at school.
The origin of this word dates back to around 1585 and has been derived from the Latin words denotare.

Pronunciation: dih-noht

Meanings of Denote

1. To signify or indicate something
2. To mean something
3. To be a name or designation for

Master’s Tip to Learn Denote

The word ‘denote’ is pretty easy to remember as it contains the word ‘note’ In it which helps relate it to its meaning. It can be related by understanding that this word is a note for something or some symbol and explains what it may mean.

Sentence examples for Denote:

1. This side of ruler denotes the values in millimeters.
2. Everyone knows that the skull – cross bones symbol is used to denote danger.
3. The word ‘derby’ can donate either a horse race or a kind of hat.

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