Picture for DeplorableThe word ‘Deplorable’ is an adjective and was first used in 1612. It is used for something that is a cause for severe condemnation and reproach. It was derived from the French word déplorable.

Pronunciation: dih-plawr-uh-buhl

Meanings of Deplorable

1. Causing or being a subject for censure, reproach, or disapproval
2. Lamentable

Master’s Tip to Learn Deplorable

The word deplorable has been derived from ‘deplore’. Now if you explore something new and you don’t appreciate it, you express a disapproval of it. And hence this can easily be related to the word deplorable to remember its meaning.

Sentence examples for Deplorable:

1. We will not tolerate such deplorable behavior in a house of worship
2. The resulting consumerist frenzy brings out some deplorable impulses.

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