Picture for DerivedThe word Derived is the past participle of derive. It is a verb. It means to receive or arrive at something from a source or origin. Most of us are familiar with this word as all of us have derived mathematical formulas at some point in our school lives.
The word derive originates from the Latin word dērīvāre which means to lead off. The first known use of this word was around 1350-1400.

Pronunciation: dih-rahyv-ud

Meanings of

1. Arrived at something from a source or origin
2. Traced or deducted from a source
3. Deducted or inferred

Master’s Tip to Learn Derived

The word ‘Derive’ sound like ‘drive’. Now, people drive to get from one point to another so it can be easily related to the word ‘Derive’ as it means to arrive at a conclusion or a point from some another source or origin.

Sentence examples for Derived:

1. Having derived all the equations correctly, he assured himself of a good rank in the state exams.
2. The present name of this species has been derived from its ancestors.
3. Having found his fingerprints at the crime scene the detectives derived his role as that of the prime accused in robbery.

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