Picture for DestitutionThe word ‘Destitution’ is a noun. It means the state of being utterly poor or just destitute in other words. It was first used back in the 15th century.

Pronunciation: des-ti-too-shuhn

Meanings of Destitution

1. Lack of means of subsistence
2. Deprivation

Master’s Tip to Learn Destitution

An interesting way to learn the meaning of the word destitution is to learn it through the word ‘tuition’. People who take to tuitions generally do to make some extra money. This can be relate to poverty and hence the need for extra money.

Sentence examples for Destitution:

1. The third world countries have become a breeding ground for widespread destitution.
2. The only reason he took to a life of crime was to stop his family from falling into a state of destitution.

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