Picture for DiscipleThe word Disciple is used for a person who adheres to and helps in spreading the doctrines of someone else, a follower. It is a noun.
It has been in use before 900 and has been derived from the Latin word discipulus.

Pronunciation: dih-sahy-puhl

Meanings of Disciple

1. Someone who follows or attends upon another for the purpose of learning from him; a pupil or scholar.
2. Someone who strongly believes in the teachings of a leader, a philosophy, or a religion.
3. One of the personal followers of Jesus Christ during his life; especially, one of the Twelve Disciples.

Master’s Tip to Learn Disciple

The easiest way to remember the meaning of Disciple is to think of it as a person who follows another person’s disciplines.

Sentence examples for Disciple:

1. Each disciple must be registered to practice in the appropriate professional field.
2. They form a circle of dedicated disciples who conscientiously wrote down everything the prophet said.
3. He has never tried to hide the fact that he is a disciple of communism.

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