Picture for DiscreetDiscreet is an adjective and it is used for someone being careful to not say something that is supposed to be secret or confidential. It was first used around 1350 and has been derived from the Middle English word discret.

Pronunciation: dih-skreet

Meanings of Discreet

1. Careful to avoid embarrassing or upsetting others.
2. Tactful and judicious; especially, in dealing with others
3. Subtle and circumspect, ensuring that no undue attention is attracted.

Master’s Tip to Learn Discreet

The word Discreet can be thought of as disecret. It can be thought of as keeping something secret and hence the meaning.

Sentence examples for Discreet:

1. Her friends could always rely her to be discreet.
2. I made discreet inquiries about his credit rating.

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