picture vocabulary for disdainFor some it is very easy to treat other with the feeling of contempt and for some very difficult. The day this disdain will skip the feelings of people, peace will prevail in every way. It is a noun and as well as a verb. Its first usage dates back to 14th century.

Pronunciation: dis-deyn, dih-steyn

Meaning of Disdain

1) As a verb
a. To treat someone with hatred or contempt
b. To consider someone beneath oneself
2) As a noun
a. A feeling of contempt

Master’s tip to learn disdain:

Disdain can be learnt easily associating it with two different words. Dis of disdain can be associated with this and dain of disdain can be associated with then. This and then form to make disdain and we can safely say with oodles of sarcasm: this is what you then!

Disdain can be used in the following ways:

1) I have disdain for people who lie. (Noun)
2) He disdained his juniors for the meagre salary that they earn. (Verb)
3) I do not believe in self-disdain. (Noun)
4) He is a person of extremely disdainful nature. (Adjective)

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