Picture of DiscernSometimes its no use having etiquettes, some people will go ahead and belittle others anyway with their lack of manners. This action of showing disrespect to someone and not caring for their work/sentiments is called disparaging them.

Pronunciation: dih-spar-ij

Meanings of Disparage

1) To disrespect someone or something
2) To lower someone’s rank, esteem
3) To disrespect someone subtly or indirectly
4) To mock someone as if lowering someone’s esteem

Master’s tip to learn Disparage

Disparage can be easily learnt by associating it with the word miscarriage, as second half of the word disparage sounds similar. Also, miscarriage in this context can come to mean not be able to carry someone’s respect properly .i.e. miscarriage of respect. Though, miscarriage means something completely different.

Sentences examples for Disparage

1) Please do not disparage me. (Verb)
2) She disparaged me so subtly that I could not understand for few minutes. (Verb)
3) She talks to me disparagingly. (Adverb)
4) She is always very disparaging of me. (Adjective)
5) He is the disparager in every case when I am insulted. (Noun)

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