Picture for dispersedDisperse means to go in different directions; this word isn’t necessarily used for people, it can be used for water, air or anything that has the quality to spread across a given space.

Pronunciation: Dis-pur-sed

Meaning of Disperse:

1. Distribute or spread over a wide area.
2. To go in different directions.

Master’s tip to learn Disperse:

Let’s rewind a bit to our science textbooks, the first chapter we studied was AIR and its first property was that air can disperse into any given space, i.e. air has the property to spread around or to disperse. We can also use this word while referring to a group of people whilst telling them to go about in different directions to perform the allotted task!

Sentence Examples using Dispersed:

1. The crowd dispersed once the play ended.
2. The airplane dispersed leaflets all over the city.

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