Disseminate is verb. It means to spread widely as though sowing seeds or to become known widely to everyone like disseminate news or information.
It was originally derived from the Latin word dissēminātus and it was first used around 1595-1605.

Pronunciation: dih-sem-uh-neyt

Meanings of Disseminate

1. To spread widely
2. To broadcast or promulgate extensively
3. To disperse

Master’s Tip to Learn Disseminate

Disseminate can be broken into ‘Disseminate’, seminate can be thought of as in a ‘seminar’. In a seminar all the people gather at one place, so disseminate would mean when everyone is scattered widely.

Sentence examples for Disseminate:

1. The government requested that the press not disseminate information related to the ongoing investigation.
2. With age comes experience, as well as the desire to disseminateknowledge.
3. Perhaps this is not the forum in which to disseminate simplistic answers.

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