Picture for DissentDissent means to differ in opinion usually from a majority. It also refers to the act of protesting against a decision or sentiment. Dissent is a verb.
Its origin can be traced back to around 1400-1450 and was derived from the Latin word dissentīre which meant to feel against.

Pronunciation: dih-sent

Meanings of Dissent

1. To disagree with or reject
2. To differ in opinion or sentiment
3. To protest against something

Master’s Tip to Learn Dissent

The word Dissent can be learnt easily by relating it to the word ‘assent’ which means to agree, so the word dissent will mean to disagree.

Sentence examples for Dissent:

1. The opposition decided to show its dissent by staging a walk-out.
2. He made it clear to everyone that since theirs was not a democracy there was no room for dissent from any member.
3. Any act of dissent from the natives was responded with an equally harsh punishment from the tyrant government.

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