Picture for DiversityThe word diversity refers to the state or condition of being non-uniform, different. It points to the variety that may be present somewhere. The word diversity is a noun.
It originated around 1300-1350 and was derived from the Latin word dīversitās.

Pronunciation: dih-vur-si-tee

Meanings of Diversity

1. The fact or quality of being diverse; difference
2. A variety of something
3. Multi-uniform; a point of difference

Master’s Tip to Learn Diversity

The word diversity can be related to its meaning through the word ‘diver’ which is contained by it. Now a diver dives into the ocean to observe the variety of species of fishes and life underwater which can be used to recall the word diversity which means having variety of something.

Sentence examples for Diversity:

1. Mumbai is known for its cultural diversity.
2. This island has more diversity in plant life than any of its neighboring islands and has hence become a second home to various researchers.
3. The council has made a name for itself by having a diversity of opinions among its various scholars and academic experts.

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