Picture for DivulgeThe word Divulge is a verb. Divulge means to disclose or expose something to the members of the public that was previously known only to a few or was private.
Divulge was originally derived from the Latin word dīvulgāre and the first uses of the word can be traced back to around 1425-1475.

Pronunciation: dih-vuhlj

Meanings of Divulge

1. To reveal or disclose
2. To make known to the public something that was previously private
3. To proclaim publicity

Master’s Tip to Learn Divulge

Divulge can be related to the word indulge, it can be remembered as di+indulge which would meant – not to indulge in something and hence reveal it.

Sentence examples for Divulge:

1. The coach of the team divulged their team’s strategy to members of the press.
2. The company has refused to divulge its sales figures even though it is required by the law to do so.
3. Some of their clients are reluctant or unwilling to divulge certain personal information.

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